Home sales recorded in the Williamsburg Multiple Listing System (MLS) for the top six neighborhoods, in terms of the number of homes sold in 2016 was similar to 2015. Ford's Colony had the most sales with 123 sold in 2016 vs 126 in 2015. Kingsmill was second with 118 sales in 2016 compared to 113 the year before. Whitehall was third in 2015 with 63 sales but was fourth in 2016 with 47 sales. Newtown was third in 2016 with 67 sales and fourth in 2015 with 56 sales. Colonial Heritage was fifth both years with 59 sales in 2016 vs. 53 in 2015. The next among the top six neighborhoods was The Settlement at Powhatan Creek that had 42 sales in 2016 and 45 in 2015. It should be noted that not all new sales are recorded through the MLS however the year-to-year practices are similar enough to identify trends. It should also be noted that as new home neighborhoods near their completion the number of sales decline which helps to explain the 25% decrease in sales at Whitehall.

Newtown which experienced a significant increase in the number of homes sold also saw both a decrease in the average home size and average list price. Detached single family "cottage" style homes have been popular and remain among the highest in terms of $/sq. ft. of the six neighborhoods in the analysis. The average price per sq. ft. for homes sold in Newtown was $198 both years. By comparison, the average $/sq. ft. for Kingsmill and Ford's Colony in 2016 was $157 and $147, respectively. It should be noted that the average size of the homes sold in Kingsmill and Ford's Colony in 2016 was 2,765 and 3,459, respectively. The price per sq. ft. usually tends to decrease as home sizes increase, but not always. The figures reported are only averages and do not account for specific home location, setting, features, age, etc. and should not be used as a general measure of a fair price for a given home and should only be used to identify possible year-to-year trends.